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Learn More about Health Insurance In Newfoundland & Nova Scotia

At Donald Locke & Associates Inc., we serve clients from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia by connecting them with personal health insurance coverage from Medavie Blue Cross. This option is available to individuals or families who are not covered by a group benefits plan from an employer. Personal health plans can provide coverage for prescription drugs, hospital, dental and more.  

Health Insurance

Health insurance benefits provide coverage for hospitalization, prescription drugs, vision care, ambulance, physiotherapy and much more.

Assured Access

The Assured Access plan is designed for individuals that currently have group insurance coverage through an employer. This plan guarantees each individual covered under the plan access into a personal health plan in the event of loss of group insurance coverage for any reason. Each person covered on the plan is covered if benefits are lost due to retirement, layoff, seasonal layoff, marital break-up, or even over-age dependents, being no longer eligible under a group or individual plan. Coverage is guaranteed regardless of health at the time of the loss of group benefits.  

Dental Insurance in Newfoundland & Nova Scotia

Attaining dental insurance  in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia can be difficult to do on your own. Get help from those who know the business and can easily connect you with the coverage you need.  To get started, just contact us today.

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